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Valldemossa: Five plans you can’t miss out on

Within the delights offered by Mallorca, Valldemossa boasts its own particular features. In addition to its privileged location in the Serra de Tramuntana mountains, a whole series of factors (related to history, culture, nature and gastronomy, among others) make this village one of the most popular among visitors. Viewpoints, routes, shops, museums.... Valldemossa has a wide range of activities and sites of interest to all kinds of people. Here we suggest five wonderful ways to spend your free time that are so simple, interesting and attractive they come highly recommended.

1. The Commune. An unbeatable plan for the whole year: a short, easy excursion of less than two hours that passes through an old communal space: along the route, full of spectacular natural landscapes, there are places that should definitely be visited, such as the Molí de la Beata and ethnographic features, such as old huts that were used for coal and to store snow.

2. Potato "coca". Flour, boiled potato, sugar, lard, eggs, oil and lukewarm water.... A simple recipe passed down from generation to generation that, over time, has become one of Valldemossa's great gastronomic features. A lot of the shops in the town sell this genuinely local sweet. Try it with hot chocolate in winter or an almond slush in summer.

3. Josep Coll Bardolet Cultural Foundation. This was one of the great projects completed by the artist Josep Coll Bardolet, a Catalan by birth but resident in Valldemossa since 1944. This museum holds a permanent exhibition of his pictures: landscapes of Mallorca, still lifes and his distinctive scenes of popular dances, iconic elements that have become a true icon for the island.

4. La Cartoixa. Valldemossa's main tourist attraction is this Carthusian complex. This site provides visitors with an interesting journey through the history of the Palace of King Sanç, the gardens, the church and the old cells of the Carthusian monks. That's why, year after year, La Cartoixa continues to be one of the most admired places in Valldemossa by visitors.

5. Catalina Thomas's birthplace. Behind the church of Sant Bartomeu is the birthplace of the beatified Catalina Thomàs. Canonised in 1930, her image has been venerated by the town for centuries and, in the form of small ceramics, she welcomes many people to the town's homes. Such is her influence that Sor Tomaseta, as she is known, has become a key figure in Mallorca's popular culture.

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