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Obra Cultural Balear, Lithography (1978 Joan Miró)

Joan Miró (Barcelona, ​​1893 – Palma, 1983), considered one of the leading representatives of surrealism, in his works reflected his interest in the subconscious and in his country. This lithograph on paper by Joan Miró, entitled Balearic Cultural Art was done in 1978.

After the death of General Franco, Miró gave fifty copies of this lithograph, Balearic Cultural Art, to an organization created in 1962 to help recover Catalan language and culture, which were repressed during the Franco dictatorship. This lithography was the basis for the poster of the cultural organization, which was made with the same lithographic plates.

There is a bird in flight in the image that is crossing the air in a well-defined direction on a small, isolated background in a sky that changes colour as the bird leaves behind the black cloud of the past, and moves towards a more welcoming atmosphere that lightens to a hue of hopeful green that marks the lower and upper limits of the blue Mediterranean Sea and a red, not-quite-cloudless dawn, and thereby the promise of a new day, bright and auspicious.

Contemporary Art Collection

This exhibition revolves around the figure of Juli Ramis (Sóller 1909 - Palma, 1990) and his relationship with the most prominent European painters of the time, including works by Bacon, Ernst, Moore, Picasso and Miró. Ramis was influenced by Cubism and Fauvism, and was one of the precursors of Informalism, working with sand, shells and media of any kind. The adjacent room includes works by Ramis’s different partners during his stay in Paris: Francis Bacon, Henry Moore and Max Ernst, to highlight a few. In the showcases are a collection of illustrated and commemorative editions of Joan Miró, and a series of engravings by Pablo Picasso.

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