archduke valldemossa

The 3 places in Valldemossa that captivated the Archduke

Ludwig Salvator of Austria and Tuscany, the Archduke of Austria, member of the house of Habsburg that dates back over a thousand years, arrived in Mallorca in 1867 after visiting the nearby Pityusic islands. Over time, Mallorca became so important to the Archduke he would come to think of it

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Illustrious figures who’ve spent time at the Charterhouse of Valldemossa

One of the particular features of Valldemossa, and more specifically the Charterhouse, is that it's been visited by a whole array of famous people: painters, politicians, philosophers, princes, writers, musicians, poets... Even Hollywood stars (Michael Douglas) and astronauts (Michael López Alegría). Albeit from different centuries, they have all left their

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