An itinerary of the oldest printing presses in Europe

Printing is almost indispensable in our daily lives. When it comes to understanding its historical importance, as well as its technical development over the centuries, travellers have a large number of interesting alternatives to investigate the origins of one of the most revolutionary inventions created by man. The starting point

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Press history

Ten inventions that have changed the course of history

For centuries, a combination of curiosity, instinct, ingenuity and progress has resulted in humanity making use of a whole series of mechanisms that have been crucial to our development as a species. Such advances have altered not only the course of history but also our way of life and it

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History of Valldemossa’s Charterhouse

In 1229, King Jaume I of Aragon, known as the Conqueror, arrived in Mallorca. His son, Jaume II, was the first king of the "regne privatiu" of Mallorca, ruling a kingdom that was not dependent on the Crown of Aragon, the dominant kingdom in the area at that time. Jaume II had

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